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Kliux Energies is a technology focus company with a global presence in distributed energy solutions and the development of energy solutions at site of use, tailor-made to the client’s specifics needs. 

Kliux manufactures and commercializes worldwide proprietary patented  vertical-axis wind turbine technology, such their the Kliux Zebra 2kW-4kW, Kliux Dragon 5kW- 10kW and Kliux Eagle 12kW-15kW among other models, which may also be integrated into hybrid systems with solar photo voltaic modules.

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Kliux Energies reconocida como una de las empresas tecnológicas con más proyección por Spain Startup&Investor Summit Kliux Energies was one of the finalists in the prestigious competition Spain StartUp & Investor Summit

Eco-friendly vertical-axis Kliux Geo 1800 will be featured at 2013 Windpower conference & exposition

El aerogenerador que vuela en silencio: an article published in the magazine “Renewable Energy”

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