Vision and objectives

Kliux Energies vision is to be acknowledged as an international reference in the development and commercialization of innovative and top quality solutions in renewable energies destined to be used at the point where the energy is needed, self power generation.

Kliux Energies specific objectives are to:

  • Provide the market with energy generation products that work at the point of consumption .
  • Make use of the never-ending resources of energy and reduce the dependency on fossil energy resources .
  • Provide efficient energy solutions.
  • Generate and store energy in off-grid and also in grid-connected urban areas.
  • Reduce the operating energy cost of small and medium corporations, and residential buildings.
  • Protect the consumer against the future volatility of energy prices.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Allow a fast investment recovery. ROI
  • To offer our clients reliability, guarantee performance, efficiency and technical support.

Kliux Energies supports the 3rd industrial revolution that will transform energy generation and distribution system in the world, by transferring power to the user as a centre for generation. The  Internet will be the platform used to enable these advanced intelligent network systems which will optimally control the balance between generation, transmission and consumption.

Detail of vertical axis wind turbine

Detail of vertical axis wind turbine