Site Viability analysis

The installation of a renewable energy generation system at the point of consumption requires a previous viability analysis of the location.

Our viability analysis includes:

-    an on-site visit.
-    an evaluation.
-    a diagnostic an value report.

The diagnosis and evaluation report will include:

  • Backgroud and aim of the study.
  • Chronology of the relationship.
  • Energy needs to be covered and targets to consider.
  • Location and information of interest.
  • Applied methodology. Comparisson between the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) wind atlas and own measuring system.
  • Achieved results. Curves and graphs.
  • Conclusions y recommendations. Viability diagnosis and proposed delivered energy dimensioning.
  • Evaluation of the existing energy installation and possible changes. Other aspect to consider.
  • Relevant technical and design aspect: Suggested location and possition, access to the current power supply, energy demand profile and zonification.