Universidad de La Rioja, Logroño

May 19th 2011

In the intense framework of collaboration in R+D existing between Kliux and the UR this mini aerogenerator model is covered with potential for application on the roofs of urban buildings as well as its portability.

Inaugurated by the Rector’s office of the UR and Kliux on 27th June in the presence of the media.

Installation characteristics:

  • Experimental Kliux model scale 1/6. To the network.
  • On the roof of the Mechanical Engineering building of the University of La Rioja.
  • Includes weather stations.

Installation proposal:

  • Testing laboratory. Assess the application of this Kliux micro aerogenerator for urban application on the roof and the concept of “generation of portable energy”.
  • Joint venture between Kliux and the University of La Rioja.




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