Rioja Alta Golf, Cirueña, La Rioja

July 22, 2011

This installation represents the first VAWT installation in a golf course in the world. It relies on an innovative system to take advantage of wind power to obtain electricity, which is patented by Geolica Innovations, Kliux’s R&D laboratory.

This particular installation is near the trail of the reknown Camino de Santiago.

Installation characteristics:

  • Kliux Geo 4k hybrid system
  • Mini aero-generator with 3,3 kW + 3,3 kWp
  • Photovoltaic panels located on the roof of the Golf Club House
  • Electronic panel located in the basement for charging the buggies

Installation proposal:

  • Energy self-sufficient for charging the buggies
  • Four main benefits provided by the Kliux VAWT to the users: reliable access to energetic resources, utility bill reduction, community and corporate positive image and advertising support


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