Hermanos Baraldés. Onda, Castellón

October 15, 2013

Hermanos Baraldés is dedicated since 1952 to carry out electrical installations with maximum efficiency and accountability. It is one of our distributors in the Levant area.

They have installed Kliux Hybrid System as a product showcase and example available in their catalog.

Installation characteristics:

  • Hybrid System with VAWT Geo 1800 grid-connected and battery bank (assisted connection).
  • 24 x 150W photovoltaic panels (for a total of 3,6 kW)
  • Battery Bank AGM. OPzV, 800Ah capacity, 24 V.

Installation proposal:

  • Technology Demonstration.
  • Commitment to sustainability and differentiation.
  • Improving competitiveness.
  • Self-Energy Generation. Electricity savings.

Instalación Kliux Sistema Híbrido en Hermanos Baraldés




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