Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort. San Roque, Cádiz

June 15, 2013

First installation of a Kliux system in Andalusia thanks to the commercial agreement with Gestiona Innovación.

Gestiona Innovación is the energy-efficiency engineering and project management company that also offers break-through products, methods and energy-efficient devices to the benefit of the timing, budget and quality of the projects.

Installation characteristics:

  • Kliux Geo 1800 Hybrid System.
  • 16 x 250 W photovoltaic panels (for a total of 4 kW).
  • Battery Bank. 48 V, 400 Ah, OPzV.
  • Control panel and set located in the safety cabinet.

Installation proposal:

  • Electric savings in the sports/tourist complex.
  • High value advertising vehicle for sponsors. Additional income for the club.
  • Improved competitiveness and differentiation.




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