Grid connected installation

Gráfico instalación conectada a la red

Diagram of an installation connected to the electrical network

The Kliux wind turbine can be directly connected to the electrical network thanks to a high-quality power inverter designed for this purpose. This option allows a user to sell the energy obtained from the wind and sun to the electrical company of choice, and as a result obtain a discount on the electrical bill, or even obtain profit.

The inverter is a key element when transferring energy from the generator to the electrical network. It has been set and programmed to always obtain the maximum performance from the turbine with a minimal energy loss in the process.

It also comes with all the safety protections required to be able to disconnect the system quickly from the electrical network in the event of an anomaly.

On the other hand, the electrical system has a communication module that enables the chance to monitor the status of the energetic production remotely from any point on the planet, as well as setting up and configuring the parameters by which the inverter functions.

The elements that that make connecting a turbine to a network possible are very few and are designed to be easy to install. The entire assembly and start-up process is carried out by qualified professionals.




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