Dolmar, La Rioja
Off-grid hybrid facility covering the energy needs of the wine analysis laboratory.
Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort
Electric savings. Improved competitiveness and differentiation.
Hermanos Baraldés, Castellón
Commitment to sustainability. Self-Energy Generation. Electricity savings.
Bayer MaterialSciencie, Tarragona
Off-grid hybrid facility with model Kliux Geo 1800. It provides the plant with outdoor lighting.
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Geo 4kGrid connected installation

The Kliux wind turbine can be directly connected to the electrical network thanks to a high-quality inverter designed for such purpose. This option allows the user to sell the energy obtained from the wind and sun to the utility company, and as a result obtain a discount on the electricity bill or even make a profit.

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Hybrid SystemOff-grid installation

The wind-solar hybrid generation system for systems that are off-grid is comprised of photovoltaic panels, a vertical axis wind turbine and a battery bank.

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