Interview on Eureka. Radio Exterior de España

Eureka is a program by Radio Nacional de España-Radio Exterior. The broadcast of the July 1 was focused on an interview with our CEO, Iñaki Eguizábal. Here you can know about our latest events and news. (Spanish)

Alcaidesa Golf Links leads the push for efficiency and sustainability through wind and solar power

Thanks to the hybrid wind/solar photovoltaic system by KliuxEnergies, Alcaidesa Golf is henceforth more efficient and sustainable. Gestiona Innovación guarantees bottom-line savings and has coordinated the installation project. Alcaidesa Golf Links Resort has become the first Golf Resort in Andalusia to install the Kliux Energies hybrid wind/solar photovoltaic system. Thanks to collaboration with Gestiona Innovación, [ Leer más ]

Interview with Iñaki Eguizábal in the U.S.

  The web Windpower Engineering & Development interviewed Iñaki Eguizábal following our presence in WindPower Expo 2013. We leave the full podscast. Wind Talk: Are vertical-axis wind turbines the future of windpower?

Eco-friendly vertical-axis Kliux Geo 1800 will be featured at 2013 WindPower Conference & Exposition

A full scale operational unit of Kliux Energies’ breakthrough technology, the Geo 1800 vertical-axis wind turbine will be on display at the 2013 WindPower Conference & Expo in Chicago May 6-8 Featuring eco-friendly, noiseless rotation and small footprint, the Kliux Geo 1800 wind turbine is the first vertical-axis turbine that combines the lift-type Darrieus rotor [ Leer más ]

Iñaki Eguizábal, defends the small wind as a key solution for consumption in residential areas.

The Journey of “Subsistence: a business model for renewable”, organized by Energética XXI has taken place in Barcelona, at the headquarters of the Association Secartys. Iñaki Eguizábal has defended the filing “VAWT: the ideal solution for home consumption in residential areas” within the talks centered small wind industry that have been developed over the February [ Leer más ]

Kliux Energies protagonizes “Experiencias de Éxito” of “Red Emprendeverde”

Kliux Energies protagonizes “Experiencias de Éxito” (success stories) of “Red Emprendeverde”, an initiative of the “Fundación Biodiversidad” to encourage the creation and consolidation of companies or new lines of business in activities related to the environment and channel investment into sustainable economic activities. Red emprendeverde differs by being a network specialist, inclusive and multiplier: A [ Leer más ]

Kliux speeded up its internationalization process and ended the year being present in Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Malaysia

The company’s Internationalization Plan is beginning to bear fruit and it is estimated that over 50% of sales will be carried out abroad in 2013. In the last quarter of 2012 Kliux Energies has entered into distribution and marketing agreements in Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Malaysia which add to the one previously signed in Germany. [ Leer más ]

Geolica Innovations, finalist of the prestigious and Social Investment Pioneer Awards

The Unite Nations awards companies with a strong social, economic and environmental commitment.Geolica Innovations has been the only Spanish company selected as a finalist in these awards promoted by United Nations. Geolica Innovations has been the only Spanish company selected as a finalist in these awards promoted by United Nations Global Compact, which operates in [ Leer más ]


This agreement will make the entire cycle of intelligent energy available to customers: single approach to meet Generation, Efficiency and Energy Management needs. The agreement aims at capitalizing on the commercial activity of both companies to include each other’s innovative products into one single, more comprehensive solution. This agreement enables both Kliux Energies and N2S [ Leer más ]

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