TECNUN and Kliux Energies together for Efficiency

TECNUN’s Energy Efficiency Laboratories were opened with the installation of a Hybrid distributed power System including, in addition to roof-top solar PV components, a Kliux Zebra turbine which will allow the students at the school to supplement their academic training with studies and research on energy efficiency by using small wind energy.

San Sebastián, 16 May, 2014.

CEIT’s Energy Efficiency Laboratory is a result of the partnership between the two organizations, which combine their knowledge and efforts for the research and development of distributed energy and energy efficiency systems.

In addition, an educational cooperation agreement has been entered into by Geolica Innovations-Kliux Energies and Universidad de Navarra which will make it possible to develop joint R&D projects in the field of small wind energy generation, control electronics, communications systems, remote monitoring, storage systems and net-meeting.

Kliux Zebra, aerogeneradores de eje vertical

The opening ceremony was attended by Ignacio Martín, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Gamesa, one of the world leading wind energy companies. The event featured several papers in which emphasis was placed on the importance of research in order to achieve new standards in small wind energy applications.

TECNUN students were responsible for opening the technical conference, by explaining the process of creation and development of the laboratory and the choice of the Kliux Zebra turbine. They also explained the Tecnun SEED Racing project, a group of engineering students from the Tecnun College, University of Navarra, which designs, manufactures and implements its own electric racing cars.

This initiative began in 2010, when a group of students interested in sustainable energy and renewable energy created a group called Tecnun SEED Group. One of the projects of this group was to build an electric racing car to compete in “Formula Student”. As it was the one with the highest participation by the students and was regarded to be very interesting by the school, Tecnun SEED Racing was set up as a team exclusively dedicated to the design, manufacture, implementation and optimization of the electric car.

Iñaki Eguizábal, President of Kliux Energies-Geolica Innovations, later introduced the real solutions for power generation by means of the Kliux systems, and stressed the importance of collaboration for the future of renewable energies.

The day was closed by a presentation by Ignacio Martín, who stressed the importance of R&D given the limitation that Spain is currently suffering regarding the development of renewable energies due to legal regulations.
The equipment installed consists of a Kliux Zebra Hybrid System with 1 vertical axis wind turbine and 5 x 250 W photovoltaic modules, with a folding photovoltaic structure, which allows efficiency optimization in different seasons throughout the year. The isolated system with no connection to the grid is equipped with an AGM battery set with a capacity of 400 Ah, 48 V AGM, and has a total installed power of 3.3 kW.