Kliux Energies introduces its new small wind turbine: Kliux Zebra

The new Kliux Zebra vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) doubles the energy generated at lower wind speeds than previous model, while maintaining its ability to architecturally blend into urban environments

Kliux Energies remains at the forefront of technology and innovation in small wind energy. As a result of continuous R&D effort done by parent company Geolica Innovations, the Rioja-based company has modified the original configuration of the rotor in order to create a new, more economical and efficient product.

The new Kliux Zebra is available to the users since January 2014

New features and benefits of Kliux Zebra

The Kliux Zebra VAWT is ideal for both urban and residential environments as well as for isolated locations with not connected to the electricity grid. It can also be integrated with our Wind-Solar Hybrid Photovoltaic System.

The previous model (Geo1800) compared to the new Kliux Zebra

Geo 1800

Kliux Zebra


It combines rotor models Darrieus (lift) and Savonius (drag) into a single rotor with 8 alpha and beta blades. Model Savonius (drag) with 9 alpha blades.

Annual Energy Generation

For an average 5 m/s, it generates 900 kWh. For an average 5 m/s, it generates 1,789 kWh.


The Kliux Zebra not only doubles dramatically improves the efficiency but holds its key differential attribute: urban – residential integration provided by its aerodynamic design, absence of noise, minimal maintenance and respect for wildlife, as there is no risk to birds.

Direct applications can range from buildings, condominiums, private homes, cottage accommodation and hotels, farms, agribusiness and industries with high and constant electricity consumption.

Dealer Network

The company is also strongly committed to expanding the network of installers and distributors of Kliux products.

Currently, the process is still open and information is available on the website: http://www.kliux.com/en/formulario-de-solicitud-como-distribuidor/