Kliux Energies involved in the project ENECO2 eco innovation

The ENECO 2 project is for the development of eco-innovation and cross-border cooperation between SMEs. Provides a catalog of tools for eco-innovation and creates a space of mutual knowledge on eco-innovation, environment and CSR. It is included in the Programme for Territorial Cooperation Spain-France-Andorra, and its main objectives are: eco-innovation, sharing and cooperation.

Kliux- continues its commitment to eco-innovation, exchange and cooperation by participating in this project that seeks to establish an adequate and efficient methodology for implementing eco-innovative projects.

The key objectives are:

  • PROMOTE TRANSACTION, making available to SMEs and stakeholders a place of identification, understanding and exchange through a virtual platform.
  • MEET best this area of work, giving dimension and setting boundaries that define eco-innovation.
  • DEVELOP a toolbox useful to implement innovative measures.
  • ACCOMPANY to get companies to implement individual or collective measures and cross-border cooperation.
  • MOVE information, reflection and experience to generate a direct cross-border dynamics between SMEs on eco-innovation, environment and CSR.