On Thursday October 10, Kliux Energies-Geolica Innovations developed a training day for a group of students to the prestigious Tecnun, School of Engineering of University of Navarra.

Jornada TECNUM


From the R & D were provided with information and knowledge about our participation in European projects, developments and breakthroughs in our product, but above all, guidelines for developing a technology lab in Tecnun installations in San Sebastian, based on experience and laboratory developed by Geolica Innovations at its installations in our new facilities.

Furthermore, future engineers were able to visit one of our installations type, specifically, the Rioja Alta Golf Club in Cirueña.

We hope our experience will be helpful in developing both their training and in their future careers.

From Kliux-Geolica support experimental and theoretical collaboration between technology centers and schools and universities. If you are interested in our technology and want to know more details, please contact us through info@kliux.com