Eco-friendly vertical-axis Kliux Geo 1800 will be featured at 2013 WindPower Conference & Exposition

A full scale operational unit of Kliux Energies’ breakthrough technology, the Geo 1800 vertical-axis wind turbine will be on display at the 2013 WindPower Conference & Expo in Chicago May 6-8

Featuring eco-friendly, noiseless rotation and small footprint, the Kliux Geo 1800 wind turbine is the first vertical-axis turbine that combines the lift-type Darrieus rotor and the drag-type Savonius rotor into one single rotor of eight blades made of expanded polyurethane developed by Kliux Energies business partner, Bayer MaterialScience. Each unit can capture wind speeds less than eight miles per hour.

The unit on display at the 2013 WindPower Expo will be powered by electricity to simulate wind rotation and breakless, self-regulating system.

“The Kliux Geo 1800 is radically different,” said Kliux Energies CEO, Iñaki Eguizábal, “When most people think of a wind turbine, they imagine a white monster fan the size of a tall building that takes over a skyline, endangers wildlife, creates flicker and doesn’t let them sleep because of how noisy it is. The Kliux Geo 1800 is the exact opposite on every count.”

Chief Technology Officer and inventor of the Kliux Geo 1800 technology, Juan José Eguizábal, explained the benefits of the company’s internationally patented design. “First, it’s noiseless and does not interfere with cable or over-the-air broadcast spectra. At just 33 feet high, it’s designed to eliminate flicker, while aesthetically integrating into any environment, and the air current created by the blade rotation creates a kind of safe zone, giving birds plenty of clearing space.”

Many of the Kliux Energies core executive team will be at the 2013 WindPower Expo to demo the breakthrough Kliux Geo 1800 technology.