Kliux Energies protagonizes “Experiencias de Éxito” of “Red Emprendeverde”

Iñaki and Juan José Eguizábal, founders of Kliux Energies

Kliux Energies protagonizes “Experiencias de Éxito” (success stories) of “Red Emprendeverde”, an initiative of the “Fundación Biodiversidad” to encourage the creation and consolidation of companies or new lines of business in activities related to the environment and channel investment into sustainable economic activities.

Red emprendeverde differs by being a network specialist, inclusive and multiplier:

  • A network of entrepreneurs, investors (and lenders) and people interested in entrepreneurship.
  • Specialized because entrepreneurs focuses on green and sustainable investment, stars of the new sustainable economy.
  • Integrative and multiplier because it seeks to integrate initiatives to support entrepreneurship existing synergy with them and make them available to green entrepreneurs.

Read more (Spanish): http://www.redemprendeverde.es/pg/entrevistas/admin/read/27274/kliux-energies