Kliux speeded up its internationalization process and ended the year being present in Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Malaysia

The company’s Internationalization Plan is beginning to bear fruit and it is estimated that over 50% of sales will be carried out abroad in 2013.

In the last quarter of 2012 Kliux Energies has entered into distribution and marketing agreements in Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Malaysia which add to the one previously signed in Germany. 2013 will be the year of consolidation of Kliux Energies in the international market and it is estimated that over 50% of sales will come from abroad.

The internationalization process, initially scheduled for 2013, has been speeded up as a result of the strong demand for products in markets where access to energy is a necessity rather than a matter of saving money. Self-sufficient power generation hybrid systems based on small wind and solar PV energy are the most sought after ones.

Trade agreements: Telecommunication antennas, hotels, towns isolated from the grid.

Power supply for towns has always been one of Kliux’s main goals as we have a completely silent wind turbine. The signing of a trade agreement with a major company in Malaysia will allow us to provide 20 towns with power, which will be mostly aimed at economically exploiting plantations for the production of palm oil.

In Chile, several projects have been launched which are related to telecommunications antennas both in urban locations and in remote mountain areas.

Besides, the strategic partnership agreement already existing with Bayer MaterialScience in terms of research and development of new polyurethane foam systems for the manufacture of mini wind equipment, will be now joined by a global purchase agreement with the multinational company for the demonstration of the technology applied to the production of Kliux’s blades and rotor in their commercial networks.

International distributors: Mexico and Germany

The trade missions and various prospecting trips carried out by Kliux along the last months have resulted in three major distribution agreements in Mexico and Germany. These agreements mean other companies will be able to distribute and market Kliux Energies products.

The agreements reached in Mexico have largely resulted from the participation of Kliux in the “Mexico closer” mission promoted by the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja (Agencia de Desarrollo Económico de La Rioja- ADER).

Goals for 2013

For 2013, our international goals are focused on consolidating business development in the aforementioned markets and entering into new agreements in USA and India, as well as participating in European programs and trade missions.