Santa Engracia del Jubera 100% illuminated with LED technology

The village has installed a total of 50 LED luminaires for street lighting and reduces its electricity bill by 60%.

The energy efficiency project of Santa Engracia, developed by Kliux Energies, is the replacement of the 50 luminaries with new LED technology, providing higher light quality at lower cost. The investment of 26,000 € will be amortized over 3.3 years.

The event, held on the afternoon of Thursday, November 15, was presented by the Counselor of Industry, Innovation and Employment, D. Javier Erro, the Director General of Innovation, D. Julio A. Herreros, D. Oscar Fernandez, mayor of Santa Engracia of Jubera and D. Iñaki Eguizábal, President of Kliux Energies.

LED lighting systems installed have significant advantages over traditional systems:

  • The power of each LED lamp installed is 50 watts compared to 150 watts typically used in traditional systems. Despite the decrease of power, the lighting is higher.
  • The consumption and maintenance are lower than in traditional systems: one-third less consumption and one-third more life.
  • The lighting produced is a white light called “moonlight” getting high brightness, very similar to the natural.
Improvement data facts

Previous: 50 mercury vapor luminaires 125 W, total power: 6.25 Kw
Current: 50 LED lights 50 w, total power 2, 5 Kw

CONSUMPTION (calculated based on 10 hours a day, 3650 h / year):
Previous: 22.812 kWh / year
Now: 9.125 kWh / year

Previous: 55 lux
Current: 40 lux

Previous: 11 m2/lux.w
Current: 20 m2/lux.w

Kliux Energies has developed the project building on its strategic relationship with the specialist in energy efficiency and lighting, Teknica Lighting. Thus the Santa Engracia del Jubera becomes the first municipality Rioja with LED lighting technology.