Kliux installs wind and solar power to analize the wine

Aerogenerador híbrido instalado por Kliux Energies en Dolmar (La Rioja)

Vertical axis wind turbine installed by Kliux Energies in Dolmar (La Rioja, Spain)

KliuxEnergies, a company based in Spain, has carried out a new hybrid installation to obtain wind and solar power. On this particular occasion, the beneficiary is Dolmar, another Spanish company in which facilities in Gimileo (La Rioja, Spain), a 4 kW vertical axis wind turbine and 2 kW photovoltaic cells have been set up.

Thanks to this installation, Dolmar will obtain enough power to supply the laboratory’s lighting. The building houses the machines and devices with which over 12.000 wine and food tests are carried out every year.

Geolica Innovations, Kliux R+D+I section, patented this innovative system to obtain wind power. The differentiating factors between this system and the traditional wind turbine are the upright position towards the support and its reduced size (9 meters high). In the installation 2 kW photovoltaic cells can also be found in the same hill, at the foot of the wind turbine.

The President of La Rioja, Pedro Sanz; the Councillor of Industry, Innovation and Work in La Rioja, Javier Erro; the Innovation, Industry and Commerce General Director, Julio Herreros; Kliux Energies Chairman, Iñaki Eguizábal; and Dolmar Chairman, Mariano Fernández attended the opening.

Vertical axis wind turbines can be installed in urban or off-grid areas, in factories as well as in houses, apartment buildings, public buildings, country estates, etc. They adapt to the user’s power needs and budget.

Making use of the Kliux hybrid system permits a reliable access to energy when it is not at the user’s disposal or when it is insufficient, a reduction of the electricity bill, a positive image impact and a unique advertising support.

Vertical axis wind turbines show various advantages in comparison with those of horizontal axis: they always face the wind, they rotate with low speed winds, they self-limit their speed, they are noiseless and more aesthetic thanks to their reduced size. Moreover, they are very resistant and have longer service life, with minimum maintenance.